Condition Monitoring Services and Support

As a company ISS has no alignment with any one vendor of condition monitoring equipment.  ISS owns and operates several of the more common monitoring systems from B&K, CSI, and Rockwell Entek. ISS has experience with most of the remaining common condition monitoring systems through our customer support role

With this broad experience, ISS can provide all levels of condition monitoring support; ranging from providing a complete condition monitoring package to; temporary support an existing program during on site staff shortages.

Complete Condition Monitoring Package.

For some customers our role in providing condition monitoring starts with preparing a scope of work that describes in detail the monitoring requirement.  By defining the machinery and operation to be monitored, the minimum analysis points and techniques required, the key performance indictors (customer expectations), the customer can confidently go out to tender knowing providers are all bidding to provide the same levels of service.  This should also eliminate bidders with poor low cost resources.

Should ISS win the tender to provide the condition monitoring, we can provide the correct equipment and trained staff to operate the program.

Condition Monitoring Start Up Assistance.

One of the most reliable methods of establishing a condition monitoring program is to have it set up by ISS specialists. ISS will initially operate the program ensuring a correct profile to match the machinery and operation.  During this time ISS will train the local staff.  As time progresses ISS will become less and less involved in the day to day operation of the monitoring program.  However, ISS will remain in a specialist back up role when assistance is required.

Condition Monitoring Trial Systems.

ISS has several condition monitoring systems that are usually available to those who may want to,  trial the technology in house before committing to purchase or, to have temporary access to condition monitoring tools such as during the quality pass off of new equipment or during an on site problem investigation.  Enquire and we will discuss what is available.

ISS is often able to provide skilled staff on a temporary basis to keep existing condition monitoring programs active during staff shortages.