Vibration Analysis Service Capability


1. Portable Data Collection Systems - The mainstay of most routine vibration condition monitoring programs

We operate two primary systems Entek DataPACs and Odyssey Software and B&K 2526 Data Collectors and B& K Compass Software. But through our customers have experience of CSI equipment and software.

2. Instrumentation Standard System - Optimised for intermittent variable speed variable load vibration monitoring

A mixture of DAT and direct to hard drive, multi channel vibration data recording systems are used with parallel acquisition of machine speed data from Laser tachometers.

3. Network Vibration Monitoring System

This system can be set up as a traditional  networked system or to provide a pseudo remote vibration analysis service to customers.

4. On-line Vibration Monitoring

ISS is able to supply, install and set up on-line vibration analysis tools for various applications for single critical machines to complete plants.