Background of Alan S Yarrow

1971 to 1984 was spent at the UK MOD, Naval Aircraft Materials Laboratory,  providing condition monitoring for Royal Navy Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft.  During this period vibration analysis techniques were being developed and introduced into service for both Helicopters and Marine Gas turbines.

1984 to 1987 was spent working with DSTO in Australia, primarily researching and investigating material  and materiel degradation problems due to weathering.  Most of these materials were aviation composites, structures or adhesive systems. During this period some time was spent working with DSTO on condition monitoring and tribology problems common to the UK and Australian Defence Helicopter fleets. 

1987 to 1991 was spent at the Royal Aircraft Establishment. Farnborough (Pyestock) specialising in condition monitoring technologies, both applied and R & D.  However, tribology research and material science also formed an important part of the work during this period.  When Alan Yarrow resigned  from UK Ministry of Defence, he was a Senior Scientific Officer and Deputy Head of  the Fuels and Lubricants division of the Royal Aircraft Establishment (DQATS Pyestock) with an involvement in tri-service condition monitoring, condition monitoring research, Tribology research and failure investigation.   

Innisfail Scientific Services (Esper Pty Ltd)  was started by Alan Yarrow in September 1991.

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