Machine Condition 

ISS-Machine Health aims to provide customers with cost effective Condition Monitoring.  A comprehensive range of Condition Monitoring tools and analysis techniques are available from ISS; we can assemble a monitoring package to match your requirement.  

Available monitoring techniques vary from the simple eg. Grease sample ferrous wear particle trending, through to the complex eg. order tracked, time synchronous averaged vibration analysis of varying speed, varying load machinery.  

Our customers range from civil and military aviation, marine, sugar milling, power generation. food processing,  underground and open cut metalliferous and coal mines.   Each customer brings with them unique condition monitoring problems and logistic challenges.

Based near to Cairns Airport,  ISS not only has good air services to most of Australia, but we have easy access to international flights and have serviced customers in the USA, Brunei, North Vietnam, Singapore, Sweden and the UK.

A Complete Package.

To bring a complete package to our customers, ISS also provides corrective services, such as laser alignment,  laser levelling and in-field balancing. 


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